Medicare Supplement Plans

What to Do

When a senior citizen reaches the age of 65 and joins Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, there is something they should consider. Getting a Medicare supplement plan to help with future medical expenses. The time to do this is within the 6 months of joining Medicare. This is the open enrollment period and you cannot be rejected. If you choose not to get a Medicare supplement plan during that time, you will be subject to certain things after the 6 months. First off, and the most important is if you have any preexisting medical conditions, they may not be covered and the premiums you will pay may be considerably higher. If you want to be approved for a Medicare supplement plan, the time to join is during the enrollment time.

Choices of Plans

The AARP Medicare Supplement are in different categories and are lettered from A-L. It is wise to consult the Medicare website, to see what is available for your medical needs. All the plans are standard and will be the same between each private insurance company. Some states may have something different, so you need to look in your area of residence. Also some Medicare supplement plans will have higher premium cost and higher deductibles, so one should look at all the plans carefully.

What Is Important?

Medicare Part A and Medicare Part cover 80% of the medical expenses one may have with any medical problem. The other 20% will be your obligation or if you have a Medicare supplement plan, it will be taken care of. The supplement plan will cover 20% of doctor appointments, your deductible and, any medical tests your doctor may order.

The plans cover various medical expenses, and one needs to examine each one to see which will fit what your medical needs may be.

One Medicare supplement plan is Plan F. It is very popular because it proposes the most benefit. There are two kinds, one with higher deductibles and one with lower ones. Another consideration is that Medicare and Medicare supplement plans do not cover dental, vision or drug prescriptions. There are separate insurance plans to meet those needs.

The Cost.

A Medicare supplement plans cost can be around $183 each month. This will depend on the medical benefits you wish to have covered. Also your age will be a factor and as you get older the premiums may increase. Be sure the insurance company you choose is licensed with your state. Check them all before choosing a plan.